Manage, Grow and Exchange Cryptocurrency

Manage, Grow and Exchange Cryptocurrency

Making it fun and easy to invest and grow your crypto holdings with the power of descentralized finances. No technical or financial background needed, No confusing steps.

What Is A Liquidity Pool?
Liquidity pools can be defined as a pair of crypto assets. This pair is locked by a smart contract and forms an aggregated store of assets pooled together by investors. Liquidity Pools are DeFi’s backbone; without them, DeFi wouldn’t be able to offer financial services to people.

Why Are Liquidity Pools Important In Decentralized Finance?
Liquidity Pools are a very critical support structure for DeFi. They help to ensure that there is always sufficient liquidity in the system to match orders at all times. Traders do not have to look for who to buy from or who to sell to. It guarantees fast transaction time.

How do I invest in Liquidity Pools?
You must first create an account by providing a valid email address. Then, make a deposit of cryptocurrency to fund your account. You can make your first investment by choosing a liquidiy pool and configuring the amount and period of investment.

xDeFiHub algorithmic, autonomous liquidity provider protocol for descentralized finance platforms that offers hourly interest rates to investors. To get started you can get free cryptocurrency

Manage, Grow and Exchange Cryptocurrency

Easy to invest and grow your crypto holdings with the power of decentralized finances

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