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Some Business starting to Mine Bitcoin - Even though energy titans and multi-billion-dollar self-mining companies dominate today’s corporate mining landscape, a growing number of atypical businesses are incorporating bitcoin mining. Bitcoin market cycle is an open question. But instead of just buying bitcoin, corporations who want to mine it too are a special class of bulls in a league of their own.

Individuals are now jumping on the bandwagon, Some individuals are mining a few dollars of bitcoin a day, not very much you might think, that's a short term view with Bitcoin predicted to reach $100,000 in a few years. That few dollars may turn into thousands of dollars in time.


Shipping companies don’t usually mine bitcoin, but in February 2021, a self-described global shipping and freight-logistics integrated solutions provider jumped into the bitcoin mining arena. New York-based Sino-Global Shipping announced a new executive leadership team just over one year ago to lead their expansion efforts into bitcoin mining while still focusing on their core business. The announcement caused the price for shares of Sino-Global to jump 130%. Since the original announcement, the company has purchased a few thousand mining machines, entered a joint venture to manufacture new mining hardware and even accepted bitcoin as payment for their core services.

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Some of the world’s largest investment banking firms are the biggest shareholders of the public market’s leading bitcoin mining companies. But how many investment banks and wealth management firms mine bitcoin themselves? At least one: Horizon Kinetics. The New York-based investment management firm started its first bitcoin mining unit in 2017, launching a second mining initiative in 2018. The company reportedly manages roughly $7 billion in assets, and they cited the reason for exploring mining as a way to better understand Bitcoin itself. Horizon’s mining growth strategy has largely involved purchasing several thousand mining machines and negotiating hosting contracts for their hardware.

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining software is used to generate new cryptocurrency and introduce components to an existing Blockchain. The new cryptocurrency that is mined is taken by the mining party after validation as a reward for adding to the Blockchain.
Bitcoin mining software


The fact that a multi-billion dollar, the electric utility company has a subsidiary running a bitcoin mining pilot program may not be the most surprising development for the mining industry, given the essential place that mining has in the energy markets of the near future. But considering that bitcoin mining as an industry is barely one decade old, E.ON’s Hungarian subsidiary is a pioneer in its own industry. The Hungary subsidiary of E.ON has partnered with another Hungary-based company, Enerhash, to install a small mining operation at one of their plants to test its ability to improve the economics and performance of the plant in various ways. What makes this partnership even more curious is how few media outlets have discussed it. Perhaps the lack of attention to E.ON Hungary’s mining activity was partially due to some of their press releases around the operation being written in Hungarian while most of the past year’s mining news has focused on North and Latin America.

There are lots of businesses now mining Bitcoin.


Considering the popularity of carnivorism and seed oil-free diets in some bitcoin investor circles, news that a health and wellness brand announced a mining venture might not be the biggest surprise. In June 2021, Florida-based Graystone Company, self-described wellness, longevity and anti-ageing company, announced its plans for growing a bitcoin mining venture that launched one month earlier. In late September 2021, the company posted an update announcing that their operations had successfully mined nearly 0.1 BTC since launch, with over 2,000 TH/s of hash rate currently in operation and plans for a few thousand more to come online over the coming months. In January, Graystone said they were running a total of 50 Antminer S19j Pro machines — not bad for a wellness company.
Bitcoin mining software

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