Victoria 1845 Crown Value

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Crown 1845 Value

The 1845 Crown obverse features the head of Queen Victoria facing left, with ribbons in her hair. The legend reads 'VICTORIA DEI GRATIA', with the date 1845 below. The UK 1845 Crown reverse shows a crowned shield in a wreath with the coat of arms of England, Scotland, and Ireland in the quadrants. The surrounding legend reads 'BRITANNIARUM REGINA FID: DEF:', with a rose, thistle, and shamrock below.

The 1845 crown was worth five shillings (a shilling being 12 pre-decimal pence) or one quarter of a pound. The 1845 British crown, the successor to the English crown and the Scottish dollar, came into being with the union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland.
UK Crown 1845 Value
92.5% Silver Crown 1845 Value
UK 1845 Crown Specification
Coin Weight: 28.28 g
Coin Diameter: 37.6 mm
Coin Composition: 92.5% Silver
No of coins Minted: 159,192
Mint: London, England

1845 Crown
VG or VG 8 Coin in Very Good condition
F or F 12 Coin is in Fine condition
VF or VF 20 Coin is in Very Fine condition
EF or XF 40 Coin is in Extremely Fine condition
  AU58 & MS  60 Highest grade circulated coins
UNC Coin is Uncirculated

There are several factors that influence the value of a Victoria 1845 Crown Value , these are rarity, demand and condition or grade. If a coin is too damaged to have value as a collectible, its metal content (the amount of gold or silver in the coin) may have a basal value.

UK Crown Victoria 1845

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