King George III 1807 Farthing Value

What is the value of 1807 Farthing worth?. 1807 Farthing value, images, and specifications for the UK 1807 Farthing

Farthing 1807 Value

The 1807 Farthing obverse features the laureate bust of King George III facing right, wearing armor. The legend reads: 'GEORGIVS' to the left, and 'III-REX-' to the right. The UK 1807 Farthing reverse shows Britannia seated on a globe, facing left, holding an olive branch and a spear, with a shield resting beside. The legend reads 'BRITAN' to the left, and 'NIA-' to the right, with the date below.

The farthing was Great Britain's smallest denomination, with 4 farthings in a pence (penny), 12 pence in a shilling, 20 shillings in a pound.
UK Farthing 1807 Value
Copper Farthing 1807 Value
UK 1807 Farthing Specification
King George III
Coin Weight: 4.7 g
Coin Diameter: 21mm
Coin Composition: Copper
No of coins Minted: Not Recorded
Mint: London, England

1807 Farthing
VG or VG 8 Coin in Very Good condition
F or F 12 Coin is in Fine condition
VF or VF 20 Coin is in Very Fine condition
EF or XF 40 Coin is in Extremely Fine condition
  AU58 & MS  60 Highest grade circulated coins
UNC Coin is Uncirculated

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UK Farthing King George III 1807

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